4K Aquarium Video for Waiting Rooms

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This product is a digital download of our most popular 4K aquarium video. Simply download to a USB stick, plug into your TV and press Play (or stream from any device). All media players have a repeat option, so you can leave it running all day.

Aquarium Video For Waiting Rooms, Receptions and other Public Areas.

Ideal for use in the following places:

  • Dentist - people expect to see fish tanks in dental waiting rooms. This is a $14,000 fish tank in 4K resolution, so it will be even better than having a real fish tank.
  • Doctors - our local clinic is home to 4 local doctors and was the first place to use Coral Garden. 5 years later and they still use it most days.
  • Hospitals, chiropractors, psychotherapists, counselors and just about any other healthcare waiting area. Some health practitioners even use our videos in patient treatment rooms, as they feature relaxing visuals and sounds.
  • Office receptions - videos like this aquarium give clients something to look at whilst waiting.
  • Public transport - our videos are shown on some airlines and airports. If more than 100 people will see the video each day please get in touch for a bespoke licence.

Contact us for a hassle free money back guarantee if you aren't happy.

Aquarium TV screensaver for public use

At Uscenes.com we sell 20 minute videos. On this platform (Gumroad) we can offer the video in a much bigger file size (15.2 GB, ideal for a 16 GB USB flash drive). Plus you can stream the video in Full HD via Gumroad (website or apps).

We call this video Coral Garden as it features a great selection of colorful living corals. The fish selection was inspired by the movie Finding Nemo, so this is a fish tank video popular with all ages.

Buy a license to use this fish tank video in waiting rooms and other public spaces

Buying this product grants you a license to use the video in public in one location for up to 100 people to see per day. For example, a waiting room. After buying you will be given 2 files: the MP4 video download, plus a document with details we require if you would like us to create an invoice and license agreement for your business.

Great Aquarium Video for a Reception, Waiting Area or Office

This is our most popular aquarium video for waiting rooms and other public areas. It has been purchased thousands of times for home use, hundreds of times for public use, plus the original upload has been viewed 7 million times on YouTube. Here is the updated version with more relaxing surround sound:

This is a 20 minute video looped to make a longer video almost 2 hours. The loop points are subtle as we use a smooth "cross fade" effect. The original promo clip for Coral Garden has almost 7 million views on YouTube.

Buy Multiple TV Screensavers for Waiting Rooms and other Public Use

If you would like multiple videos you can buy our full collection of over 150 TV screensavers for waiting rooms and other public spaces at waiting room videos. It features 100 20 minute videos in 4K UHD resolution with surround sound. Plus 55 Full HD videos. It is great value at $399.

Try Before Buying

You can enlarge the YouTube clip above on your 4K SMART TV screen or monitor. Alternatively you can download a sample aquarium video by clicking here.

Questions? Please email use at info@uscenes.com or visit uscenes.com/faq/

Bonus: Extra 3 hour Aquarium Video for Free

Get this 3 hour fish tank video free, for a limited time. This is a filming of the same aquarium on a different day. We used less saturated lighting for this video, for a more subtle effect.

We named this video Dory Loves Corals as it prominently features the Blue Tang fish seen in the movie Finding Dory. Both videos also feature Clownfish from the Finding Nemo film.

This one is just under 16 GB in file size. You can either alternate the two videos on a 16GB USB drive, or have both on one 32GB USB drive.

Preview the free aquarium video below:

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1 hour 52 minutes aquarium video to download for 4K SMART TV screens

Type of Fish Tank
Marine Aquarium
113 minutes
4K UHD 3840 x 2160
Video File Type
Download Size
15.2 GB
Licence type
Public licence 1 location
Branding Free?
Yes- there are no logos or branding in the video
Surround sound, underwater sounds
Lifetime Licence?
FREE 3 hour video


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4K Aquarium Video for Waiting Rooms

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