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About Your Free Windows Screensaver

This Windows screensaver works the same as other screensavers on your PC or laptop. After downloading just click on the file to begin the installation process.

You will have the option to set a screenshot as your desktop wallpaper.

Once installed click Preview to see the screensaver in action. Then select how many minutes of inactivity it should wait before playing.

Uscenes screensavers have additional features. You can set the volume to any level, or to mute. This is separate from your system volume.

You can also choose which screens to play it on if you have multiple monitors.

Preview the screensaver above. This download is for a Full HD version, so please select 1080p HD from the settings icon to see the download quality.

Uscenes Windows Screensavers Are Safe

We have never had an issue with our screensavers. We have been selling them since 2013.

This is a free premium screensaver i.e. we usually charge for it. We are giving it away for free in the hope you want to buy more. They cost just $5 each.

The download is a single exe screen saver file. There is no spyware, malware or anything else. We will not be using your email to contact you again. We will not be sharing your email with anyone.

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What if you want more screensavers from Uscenes?

Please visit to browse our range of screensavers. Or click on one of our 3 categories below:

Aquarium screensavers

Fireplace screensavers

Scenery screensavers

Full HD Windows screensavers are available for all the products/videos on Uscenes.

We have also been filming in 4K since 2015 and approximately two thirds of our 150+ videos are also available as 4K Windows screensavers ($7).

All our products are also available as MP4 video files. These longer 20 minute versions are intended to be played on SMART TV screens as manual TV screensavers.

All our Windows screensavers are 3 minutes long and they loop automatically. The MP4 video versions are 20 minutes and need to be manually played and looped (by selecting the Repeat option).

If you have any questions please see our FAQ page or contact us.

We named this Windows screensaver LPS Reef

We created the name LPS reef as LPS describes some of the corals on this man made reef. The name isn't very recognizable to most people, so it didn't sell as many as we expected, hence us using it for the giveaway.

This screensaver is free, but you have the option to pay 1 or 2 dollars if you want to help us cover our overheads. It would be even better if you became a customer in future at

If you want this aquarium for your TV screens, you can buy the longer 4K or Full HD MP4 video version by clicking here: Virtual Fish Tank.

For now, please just enjoy this Full HD version on your PC or laptop screens. Full HD is more than enough resolution for most PC and laptop screens. But we do also have a 4K Windows screensaver version at the virtual fish tank link above; just in case you have a large 4K screen.

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Windows 10 Screensaver in Full HD of a real Aquarium

Windows 10 Screen Saver
File Type
Full HD 1080p
Surround Sound (no music)
Sound Control
Volume control, Mute button
Additional feature
Set screenshot as desktop wallpaper image
Multiple Screens
Choose which monitors to display the screensaver on
Usage license
Private home use only
Video length
3 minutes (loops automatically)
153 MB


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Free Windows Screensaver

2 ratings
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