2 Hour SMART TV Background Video in 4K

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Download your 2 hour TV background video now in 4K resolution. This is a limited time special offer at just $59. This grants you permission to use the video in public for up to 100 people per day to see it. This makes it ideal for waiting rooms, hospitals and any other public space.

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Play it on any SMART TV screen for 2 hours, or turn it into a "manual" screensaver video by selecting the Repeat function on your TV.

Your download is simply a 2 hour MP4 video to play on any 4K SMART TV. It was encoded using the H.265 video codec. This helps keep the file size low. If using a USB stick, you will require a 16 GB model.

You can try it out first by using the free version above on YouTube. Here is the URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3Sad4kUvuI or search YouTube on your TV for "Free TV Screensaver - 4K SMART TV Screen Saver".

After buying the download, just add the video file to any USB stick (aka USB thumb drive or USB external drive).

Play on your TV and select the Repeat option if you would like it to play longer than 2 hours.

Instead of adding to a USB drive, you could stream it from any PC or Android device.

You will also be able to stream the video from here (Gumroad) in Full HD (no looping), on any device. Either directly on your TV or mirror your screen from your phone or PC.

Where was this background video filmed?

This cityscape was filmed in Dubai in 4K resolution (UHD).

We shot this scene on the king of lowlight cameras- the Sony A7S, with an external Shogun recorder to capture the best ProRes 4K quality.

Limited time special offer TV background video

This background video will play on any 4K SMART TV brand. This includes Samsung TVs, LG, Sony, Hisense, TCL, Sharp, Panasonic etc... You can also stream it from any mobile phone or tablet. You can also use it on large TV monitors, such as 27" iMac screens and other 4K+ resolution screens.

4K TV Background Video - Higher Quality Version

This is an extended version of our popular product Marine Bay Night. The original product is higher quality, but only 20 minutes. It loops seamlessly when you have Repeat selected. The original can also be bought as a Windows screen saver.

Try the YouTube version of this release above before buying, if you want to check the quality (only needed on the biggest SMART TV screens).

There is also a video on the product page for the original Marine Bay Night in higher quality. The paid version of Marina Bay Night is also available for download as a Windows screensaver for just $5. These are just for home use.

It was filmed at night in Dubai, UAE. We shot this scene on a great camera for low light videography. Hence the high quality detailed footage and lack of grain/noise in the image.

Uscenes Paid TV Backgrounds

We have 100 4K TV screensavers to loop on SMART TV screens. They are available in 3 categories:

  1. Aquarium TV background videos
  2. Fireplace TV background videos
  3. Nature TV background videos

We hope you like this background video enough to visit Uscenes.com in future. At some point we will start filming in 8K, now that cameras are coming out able to do this.

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2 hour 4K video to use as a SMART TV background video.

2 hours
File Type
MP4 Video
Created By
For use on
4K Ultra HD
Public Licence
14.1 GB
120 minutes
3840 x 2160 px


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2 Hour SMART TV Background Video in 4K

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