Sleep Help Video - The Insomnia Key

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Sleep Help Video Used by 5 Million People

The Insomnia Key has been seen 5.1 million times on YouTube. Now that YouTube is insisting on placing ads in the video, we have decided to make it available for you to watch ad-free, anytime.

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Fall Asleep Fast with The Insomnia Key

This video can be previewed below on YouTube. After thousands of comments we realised it was usually taking people less than 10 minutes to fall asleep, sometimes just a minute or two.

Why not just watch the YouTube videos?

The problem with YouTube is that they now insert ads into the videos and after them. This defeats the purpose.

This modestly priced purchase gives you the option to download the video to your phone, tablet, iPad, PC, MacBook and watch any other screen.

You can choose the 30 minute version, which is around 500 MB, or the 90 minute extended version which is higher quality and just over 7 GB file size.

You can also stream the video as much as you want. Either way gives you the ad-free peaceful experience you need to fall asleep.

Most phones and tablets will naturally turn themselves off after a few minutes of inactivity. If not, you can always set your device to automatically turn off. Just search Google for "how to set my phone/TV/tablet/iPad/laptop model to turn off after 30 minutes of inactivity"

Benefits of this sleep help video

  • Help falling asleep on any screen.
  • Low cost download with unlimited streaming.
  • Ad-free experience.
  • No branding or text on the screen.
  • Binaural beats sounds which feed your brain with two soothing tones. Scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster.
  • Darkened nature scenes and low volume nature sounds slowly blended together to help your mind drift off to sleep.
  • Scenes include a sunset beach, lakeside setting, nighttime aquariums, simmering wood logs and flames in cozy fireplaces.

Includes Extended Version of The Insomnia Key - 90 minutes long:

What else can I do to prepare for a good nights sleep?

  • No caffeine or sugar in the evening. Don't eat too late.
  • Get some exercise in the daytime. Otherwise you mind may be ready to sleep but your body may be restless.
  • Write down anything bothering your mind. This has the effect of letting your brain let go of anything causing anxiety because you know you will come back to it tomorrow. Best to use pen and paper, but a notes app on your phone will work too.
  • Gradually wind down for the night by slowly turning off lights and doing less activity.
  • Turn on the blue light filter on your phone. Also, turn the brightness down.
  • Set the temperature to be a bit colder than usual. The body falls asleep easier when you are slightly cold, plus you can wrap up and get cozy in your bed.

Got any questions? Message us at and we will be happy to help.

Goodnight and sweet dreams from Uscenes.

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30 minute sleep aid video download and unlimited streaming (plus 90 minute version).

Average Time To Fall Asleep
10 minutes
Videos darkened
Binaural Audio
Low volume
Nature Sounds
Low volume
Slowly blended videos
To help you ease off to sleep
Full HD
Unlimited Streaming
File size
543 MB
Extended Version file size
7.1 GB
Extended Version length
90 minutes


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Sleep Help Video - The Insomnia Key

1 rating
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