Vertical Video Screensaver of Jellyfish

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Vertical Video PC Screensaver of a Jellyfish Aquarium

Download a Vertical Video in Portrait Orientation

This is for vertical monitors that are positioned in sideways (portrait) orientation. As opposed to the standard widescreen (landscape) orientation.

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This means the aspect ratio switches from the standard 16:9 to 9:16. We will be releasing some aquarium videos with fish in in a month or two.

This will not work on Samsung TVs. We will be back in a month or so with some videos for vertical TVs like the Samsung Sero.

  • Money Back Guarantee - If you don't like it just let us know at and we will refund you in full.

Tall Windows or Mac Manual Screensaver 9:16 Aspect Ratio

Manual Mac or PC screensaver for upright screens. Relaxing jellyfish aquarium video with surround sound.

For 4K video the width becomes 2160 and the heigh 3840 pixels.

This product also includes a Full HD Plus version. It is higher resolution than Full HD at 1215px wide x 2160px high. Let’s call it Full HD "Plus". The different versions are 20 minutes long, just press the Repeat option to have them loop as long as you wish. You only need to download one version.

Great for any 9:16 portrait monitor

This 4K vertical video will be great on any screen with a portrait orientation. Some would say it is for upright PC screens, or ones rotated 90 degrees. This vertical video is ideal for portrait oriented computer monitors, to use as a relaxing video background or moving wallpaper.

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Preview this upright video by clicking here: Vertical Video on YouTube.

Screenshot below, this is how the video looks when played on an upright monitor:

Downloading your vertical video:

After purchasing you will have 3 download options. Most people should just download the 4K version.

The 4K version will be the best one for most computers. There is also a Full HD version for small screens that can't play 4K videos (same file size). Plus a H.264 version for older devices that can't play H.265 (HEVC) videos.

You can also stream the video by clicking the Watch button, instead of downloading.

The Bonus jellyfish screensaver video (see below) is a H.264 4K video so everyone can use it.

Bonus: Extra Vertical Video of Jellyfish:

Preview the bonus video at: Vertical Video Screensaver

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A portrait screensaver video to loop on vertical monitors


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Vertical Video Screensaver of Jellyfish

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