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Aquarium TV Screensavers and Nature Scenes in 4K

Uscenes creates simple static videos of fish tanks, scenery and fireplaces. All filmed in 4K UHD with surround sound relaxing audio tracks. They make awesome background videos to use like a TV screensaver, or virtual aquarium.

Amazing 4K Aquarium Videos for Ultra HD SMART TVs

Our aquarium videos are what we are most famous for. The one below has around 6 million views on YouTube and we have a different recording here which is available as a 3 hour video to stream or download for any screen.

Longer Videos and Ultrawide Screensavers

We have our own website, or you will find some different products here, including longer videos and ultrawide Windows screensavers (coming soon). The reason we are also using Gumroad is because of the streaming ability on any device and that makes this is a great place to upload longer videos. Plus it is a handy way for us to separate the very niche ultrawide screensaver market as not that many people have ultrawide monitors. 

Aquariums, nature and fireplace videos in the normal 16:9 aspect ratio for standard TV screens.

21:9 Ultrawide Screensavers for Windows.

32:9 Super Ultra Wide Screensavers for Windows PCs.

What is coming up soon? Relaxing Videos

This is a new platform and we will be trying some new things out. The common theme will be relaxing video footage with calming sounds. At we stick to 20 minute videos and 3 minute self looping screensavers. Here we will create longer videos and screensavers for different aspect ratios.

After the amazing success of The Insomnia Key on YouTube, we plan on creating more sleep aid compilation videos.

We have lots of 4K tropical island footage which will be released here. Expect paradise island beaches, waterfalls, sunsets and rice terraces. 

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